53 Pages of Improvisation Material Written for the More Advanced Student.

The variety of material in this volume:

·         Helps develop technical skill.

·         Provides ideas to use in improvisation.

·         Expands knowledge of chords and progressions.

·          Present non-chordal tome patterns not covered in the Book 1.

 Jazz Figures:

·         Often used 4 & 5 note sequences.

·         Can be rhythmically altered. 

Blues Studies:

·         Based on Jazz Figures and Variations.

·         Offers students an opportunity to learn patterns and improvise solos.

Scale Studies:

·         6 & 7 note scales are developed by using the notes from a 13th chord.

·         Scales and Improvisation Exercises are presented in four different keys.

 Chord Progression Studies:

·         When played in succession they give the Circle of Fifths Chord Progression feeling.

·         Provide melodic examples of use of scale and non-chordal tones.


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